The winery is equipped with pneumatic presses, stainless steel tanks for controlled fermentation – stabilization – red winemakers with a total capacity of 1,500 tons.


VASILISMARKOU winery has been a family business since 1983 in the heart of the Mediterranean wine region. The experience, knowledge and passion for wine production passed from the founder Vassilis Markou to the next generations, who try to make good wine attractive to everyone, always in excellent value for money.


Mediterranean means middle earth. This large part of Attica is located between two seas, creating a peninsula ideal for vineyards. The extensive Mediterranean zone is the driest region in Greece with 2,900 hours of sunshine all year round and annual rainfall not exceeding 415mm. However, the proximity to the sea on both sides gives the aura that cools the vines on hot summer days. The cool breeze from the mountain range of Hymettus offers the same help. Thanks to all these elements, the Mediterranean has been considered since antiquity the most ideal place for viticulture.

V. Markou Winery has been cooperating steadily and faithfully for many years with selected vineyards and viticulturists in the Mediterranean region, North Attica and Nemea. The privately owned vineyards are located in Spata, in Gialos, an area of ​​special natural beauty. In our vineyards are grown red varieties, such as Merlot & CabernetSauvignon and white varieties such as SauvignonBlanc and of course Savvatiano, which is the dominant variety in the area.