Walk in the Attic Vineyard

Walk in the Attic Vineyard
Sunday 9 December Hours 12: 00-19: 00 | Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Piraeus 206

Take part:

1) Aggelou Wines 

2) Papagianni Wines

3) Allagianni Winery

4) Markou Vineyards

5) Ktima Vasileiou 

6) Georga Family

7) GikasWinery

8) AotonWinery

9) Ktima Davari

10) Evoinos

11) Ktima Kokkotou

12) Oinotria Earth

13) Liepouri Winery

14) Markou Vasili Winery

15) Mylona Small winery

16) Nikolakopoulos Winery

17) Krima Papagianakou

18) Papaxristou Cellar

19) Sini Wines

20) Nikolaou Winery

21) Stamatis Wines

22) Strofilia

23) Tsouri Wines

24) Fragou Anastasia Winery


Master Class – Cheese & Wine Pairing Made In Attica!

with Evangelos Beris

The favorite hobby of wine lovers and gastronomers everywhere is the marriage of cheeses and wines.

Attica can be proud to have both. Fresh, aromatic, rich wines and unique cheeses of remarkable producers.

Dr. Viticulture Evangelos Beris combines the cheeses of the famous Costarelos Cheese Factory with 12 wines of the Attic Vineyard in a seminar of flavors and surprises.

13.00 in the event hall of the 3rd floor

Retsina Master Class

with Aris Sklavenitis

Past, present and future

Greek DNA has recorded retsina as the national drink, along with ouzo and tsipouro.

The famous, world-traveled, busy retsina of Attica carries a heavy load of tradition but also a fresh look that looks forward and deserves its place in the branded quality wine.

The oenologist, winemaker and wine expert Aris Sklavenitis leads us from the past to the present and the future of retsina Attica, while at the same time we try outdated, red, barrels, classic and modern resins.

16.00 in the event hall of the 3rd floor

Attica Vineyard Menu στο Clap The Restaurant

The favorite restaurant of the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation Clap The Restaurant and the chef Alexandros Tsiotinis, propose a special menu combined with wines of the Attic Vineyard for the entire holiday season!

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